• Wanna take a ride on the data highway?

    We build the fastest cars!

  • No API ?!

    An API for every website using web scraping technology


    If the market is not providing the APIs you need why wait until the market is ready? Based on the latest technologies of web crawlers and screen scrapers we have developed a proprietary crawling framework that enables us to use the best interface every B2C company is offering: their website or their mobile app.

  • What We Do

    We build crawlers & bots that are better than traditional APIs

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    Custom real-time APIs

    The drive-thru experience

    We build custom realtime APIs for websites and apps that do not provide an API or have a rate- or data-limited API that they shamelessly pass off as an API. You can request the data as you go instead of waiting to receive the data.

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    Transactional Bots

    RPA, Booking bots and more

    Where the emulation of human activity is required to accomplish a specific transaction, moving data from one platform to another, we build bots that go hand in hand with our custom APIs.

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    Price APIs

    Dynamic re-pricing

    Amazon, Google Shopping, Ebay, Idealo and more - all price & product data via one API. The API returns detailed product information including product title, manufacturer, reviews, size selection, retail price and much more.

  • - Use cases -

    Better data. Better decisions. Better business.

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    Dynamic re-pricing

    Price Intelligence

    Monitor competitor price and product data to optimize your ecommerce portfolio and drive sales and profits.

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    Lead generation

    Sales Intelligence

    Gather vital information on potential customers and use that data to build targeted campaigns.

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    Sentiment analysis

    Customer Intelligence

    Monitor ratings, reviews, feedbacks and sentiment about your brand, products and services.

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    Market research

    Market Intelligence

    Monitor market trends and identify opportunities in job markets, finance & equity markets, etc.

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    Search Intelligence

    Find the keywords that work best for your offering and stay on top of Googles search results.

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    Talent Sourcing

    Staffing Intelligence

    Source ideal candidates, enrich candidate profiles, find the right person for the right job.

  • Rail & Mobility platform

    Building real-time APIs to major european rail providers to show timetables for trains, buses, subway and s-train and enable A to B journey search as well as bot based ticket booking.

    Fashion marketplace

    Real-time API which gathers and aggregates fashion items from a multitude of websites and allows shopping via a single source for a seamless ecommerce experience

    Meta travel search engine

    Building a real-time API which gathers and aggregates the data of all popular flight meta search engines delivering consistent and non-redundant API responses

    Hotel & accomodation platform

    Building a real-time API which gathers and aggregates the data of all accomodation and hotel websites delivering consistent and non-redundant API responses

    Dynamic re-pricing

    Building a real-time API to marketplaces like Amazon, ebay, Google shopping to allow for dynamic re-pricing of shop items to drive sales and profitability and long term competitive advantage

  • Why working with us?

    Lower Cost. Higher Availability. Faster integration.

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    Higher availability

    Websites beat regular APIs

    If we compare the ratio of down times of APIs vs. websites the down times of APIs are almost twice as high as those of websites, which means that websites are more available than regular APIs.

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    Faster integration with your partners

    No help from your partners needed

    No maintained API, no complex security measures, effortful documentation or expensive technical support the partner has to provide you with. Once an API has been created for a website and all the different types of requests are addressed, very little maintenance is required.

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    Get data in real-time

    Get the data exactly when you need it

    If you are in need of real-time data from a certain website in a specific format, an API is the way to go. It is analogous to going through a drive-thru – speak your order into a microphone (API) and get your food (data) at the exit. An API guarantees you the latest data, because the data is scraped only when requested and not pre-scraped a few days or weeks prior.

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    No data privacy issues

    Maintain control over your data

    We just gather data for our customers responsibly and sensibly. We do not store or resell data and we also scrape responsibly and don't strain the websites.

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    Trustworthy & liable partner

    You can count on us

    With our german based operations we are always close to our clients and are able to maintain a personal and healthy business realtionship.

  • How it works

    We deliver data fast and reliably


    Contact us

    Tell us what you need: URLs, timeframes, formats, frequency and budget. The more specific you are about the data you need, the easier for us to provide a quote.


    Get a free Quote

    After reviewing what you need we will send you a quote containing the estimated costs of your data project.


    Data delivery

    Our experts setup the API that delivers the data to you. We do the heavy lifting, while you sit back and relax.


    Data Access

    Easily access your data via API in your desired format .json, .xls, .csv, .xml

  • Segments

    Our experience reaches across a variety of industries

    Mobility & Travel



    HR Services


  • We are Crawler2api

    We strive on data and what it can do for you

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    Our Mission

    We’re on a mission to enable our customers to make data driven decisions that create value and foster growth. We do this by providing the data our customers need in the frequency and speed required.

  • Contact Us

    Don't be afraid to reach out.

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